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Leaves of Morya’s Garden 

Book One

The Call


Into the New World my first message.

You who gave the Ashram,

And you who gave two lives,


Builders and warriors, strengthen the steps.

Reader, if you have not grasped—read again, after a while.

The predestined is not accidental,

The leaves fall in their time.

And winter is but the harbinger of spring.

All is revealed; all is attainable.

I will cover you with My shield, if you but tend to your labors.

I have spoken.


I am—your Bliss
I am—your Smile
I am—your Joy
I am—your Rest
I am—your Strength
I am—your Valor
I am—your Wisdom


1. By holiness in life, guard the precious Gem of Gems.

Aum Tat Sat Aum!

I am thou, thou art I—parts of the Divine Self.

My Warriors! Life thunders—be watchful.

Danger! The soul hearkens to its warning!

The world is in turmoil—strive for salvation.

I invoke blessings unto you.

Salvation will be yours!

Life nourishes the soul.

Strive for the life glorified, and for the realization of purity.

Put aside all prejudices—think freely.

Be not downcast but full of hope.

Flee not from life, but walk the path of salvation.


You and We—here together in spirit.

One Temple for all—for all, One God.

Manifold worlds dwell in the Abode of the Almighty,

And the Holy Spirit soars throughout.

The Renovation of the World will come—the prophecies will be fulfilled.

People will arise and build a New Temple.

2. In creation realize the happiness of life, and unto the desert turn

your eye.

Aflame with love for Christ, carry joy to Him.

You bear wings of light.

When departing life, you will see Me once more.

Do not demean yourselves.

Summon the courage to safeguard the mysteries.

Comprehend the great gift of love to the One God.

Try to unfold the power of insight,

That you may perceive the future unity of mankind.

The one salvation is to turn the spirit toward the light of Truth.

The great gift of love lives in the one vision bestowed upon the fearless soul. You, my daughter, who have seen!

Pure art is the true expression of the radiant spirit.

Through art you gain the light.

3. Those who are obsessed with matters of the earthly world can receive no answers from the Heights.

Fate can be overcome if you manifest the Christ, Who sacrificed Himself for Truth.


4. My Friends! Happiness lies in serving the salvation of Humanity.

Put aside all prejudices and, summoning your spiritual forces, aid mankind.

Direct the unsightly towards the path of beauty.

As the tree renews its leaves, so shall humanity flourish on the path of righteousness.

5. Direct your friends towards righteousness.

Do not conceal Our Communications.

Follow Our Teachings with your heart.

Strive and you will perceive the light.

I will point out the way—the heart will understand Our Token.

Behold! The Teachers will reveal a lyre, and miraculously its power will endow you with the gift of enchantment.

Behold the bliss sent unto you.

Dedication is the requisite of those who strive on the path of ascent.

Those who with a full heart fulfill Our requests will attune their ears to the harmony of the Universe.

By bringing happiness unto you We show Our Trust in your striving towards Good.

Truth is with you—be ready to receive it.

As the heavens are fathomless, so great is your strength.

6. Safeguard your solitude.

God—or Aum—is the Highest Being of your inner self.

My Breath is the daring towards Beauty.

The great gift manifested through your sacrifice will lead you to joyous realization in your pursuit of Truth.

Eschew the life of the slumberer.

Love the life that sparkles in thoughts enveloped in the Divine Radiance.

Strengthen the growing power of your spirit.

Ever remember the Gates revealed by Us.

The pure Breath of Our Bliss imparts living sustenance to you in your daily life.

May the dance of wrath succumb before the power of the Temple!

The fire of fearlessness will brighten your hearth.

We send the light to those who smile at darkness.

Your spirit is already in ascent, and the flaming heart will not be blighted by cold.

The Right Hand of God asserts Itself and proclaims the Dawn of Day.

7. Why walk the way of silence?

In life imbibe the source of sound and color, and thus strengthen your mind.

8. Be not challenging in your daily life. Be more simple.

My friends, let not the personal color your auras.

9. Stand aside, Thou Flaming One!

Obstruct not the Gates of Heaven!

Souls have been created that are joyous in their consciousness of the spirit.

Do not belittle the significance of what you do not comprehend.

Cherish the token given unto you.

You must await the awakening of a new spiritual consciousness.

Many doubts will be dispelled in your future work.

Necessary and inevitable do I deem the rise and fall of the spirit.

The Voice of Wisdom will open the gates to the Unknown.

10. Love each other—beware of disunion.

We must pay dearly for our light-mindedness and prattle.


A Talk given before the Agni Yoga Society, February 8, 1979 by Jeff Clark

Presented before the Agni Yoga Society, October 6, 2015

Can such mindfulness and creative thought lead away from life? "When you will be called dreamers, say 'We know only action.’” (Agni Yoga, 283) Thought creates action (karma). As thought is transformed, the quality and scope of action develops. Tension and patient labor intensify energy, and awaken the accumulations latent in the Chalice. Daily life, no longer drudgery, becomes a mission, a string of fiery achievements. This is the promise of Agni Yoga. "My Friends! Happiness lies in serving the salvation of Humanity." (The Call, 4)

"Conscious actions are necessary; they alone lead to Nirvana." (Illumination, III:V:7 p. 206) Conscious action means conscious choice. But how are we to choose rightly? "The conscious realization of duty prompts the right use of energy." (Brotherhood, 155)

The concept of duty is an indispensable touchstone for Action. But one might inquire further: "Where are the scales of self-abnegation? Where is the judge of achievement? Where is the measure of duty? The sword of knowledge flashes at the command of the heart. For the heart there will be no contradiction." (Brotherhood, 121) Thus, "whatever circle of reasoning we choose, we shall inevitably return to the great knowledge of the spirit." (Illumination, p. 203)—in other words, to the principle of Heart. Thought, Action, and Heart are one Path. "I believe one can allow the urgent problems of contemporary life to be resolved through the guidance of the heart, as long as there is knowledge of the basic laws. So I am affirming the essence of a sturdy, beautiful structure." (Heart, 392)